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PIZZAGATE : The Rest Of The Story

By Ukshep, 11/29/2016

Why does pizzagate matter? Key elements include the ownership of Besta Pizza, located two doors down from Comet Ping Pong Pizza. Besta pizza is owned by Andrew Kline a lawyer with the doj's Human trafficking unit. This symbol, which has since been removed, is the exact symbol representing boylove that the FBI flagged in their investigation of public displays of pedophilia code. It's pretty simple, one of the leading prosecutors dealing exclusively with child trafficking decided to overtly display it on the menu of a business he owns. Coincidence? A case of bad luck regarding artistic license? Or is the red fox running the hen house?

Another key element... Just three doors down from Besta Pizza is the Politics and Prose bookstore where many prominent politicians, including Barack Obama have spoken. The bookstore is owned by Washington Post journalist Bradley Graham and his wife Lisa Muscatine. Muscatine served as chief speechwriter and top advisor to Hillary Clinton. Directly across the street from Prose and Poetry is the Clinton Foundation's Beyond Borders office. Beyond Borders claims it is fighting to end child slavery in Haiti. This after angry Haitians have demanded the billions of aid the Clinton Foundation stole from them.

However, New Life Children's Refuge founder Laura Silsby, a woman with financial hell hounds on her trail due to her failing internet business Personal Shopper rife with charges of unpaid employees, fraud, and wrongful termination attempted to traffic 33 Haitian children into the Dominican Republic in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake on January 12th 2010. Haitian officials placed Silsby and nine other missionaries under arrest for child trafficking. After all were released except for Silsby, Silsby's attorney withdrew as her counsel. Silsby then hired Jorge Puello, a Dominican attorney under investigation for child trafficking in El Salvador. It was then that Hillary and Bill Clinton stepped in to diminish the charges against Silsby. According to WIKILEAKS Hillary's interest in Silsby dated back nine years before the Haitian Earthquake. WIKILEAKS also reveals that Huma Abedin kept Hillary in the loop regarding Silsby's situation.

Shani King writing for the Harvard Human Rights Journal elaborates “...the Haitian justice system—prodded in part by President Clin- ton’s diplomatic efforts on behalf of the missionaries—determined that none of the missionaries were guilty of illegal activities, except the leader Laura Silsby, who faced a lesser charge of organizing illegal travel. Along with the Haitian justice system, some observers excused the mis- sionaries’ actions, even though they rose to the level of child trafficking. They did so essentially because we place such little value on the integrity of poor families"
James Alefantis has also visited the White House 5 times. Which adds to the perverse nature of this WIKILEAKS email regarding President Obama when the pedo code is applied to hotdogs/pizza. "I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long ago, assume we are using the same channels?”

Say what you want about the filth found on Comet Ping Pong Pizza owner James Alefantis' Instagram. The most damaging pictures are those of Alefantis and crew digging holes in the floor without a permit and what appears to be an attempt to connect Comet Ping Pong to the exclusive underground Labyrinth of Washington DC. Tie all of that into to Alefantis ranking as GQ's 49th th most powerful man in DC and Politics and Prose owners Graham and Muscatine as Number 50. Alefantis and company and the circumstantial evidence far outways even the Michael Jackson pedo scandal. Maybe that's why McCauley Culkin named his band the Pizza Underground?


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