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Surveillance State On Steroids Beginning December First

By Ukshep, 11/29/2016

On December first, 2016 the Spy State will slip a 4th Amendment violating procedure into the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. Notice the term procedure. According to an article released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation back in April “the amendment to Rule 41 isn’t procedural at all. It creates new avenues for government hacking that were never approved by Congress.

The proposal would grant a judge the ability to issue a warrant to remotely access, search, seize, or copy data when “the district where the media or information is located has been concealed through technological means” or when the media are on protected computers that have been “damaged without authorization and are located in five or more districts.” It would grant this authority to any judge in any district where activities related to the crime may have occurred. The first part of this change would grant authority to practically any judge to issue a search warrant to remotely access, seize, or copy data relevant to a crime when a computer was using privacy-protective tools to safeguard one's location.”

All of those using a vpn service or those denying GPS location of their devices through a map app for example are subject to be implicated by the little known procedural amendment. And while Federal Hackers are hacking your device or computer with malware. Malicious hackers with far better experience hacking bonnet devices will be hacking the Federal government. Causing any and all of your private data to be exposed simply because you were exercising your right to privacy. Which is apparently a crime now. And all of it done with zero public debate.


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