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Black Friday Death Toll

By Ukshep, 11/28/2016

The zombie madness of Black Friday is upon us. A tsunami of shoppers lured to the illusion of the illusion of discounted products. And they will do anything to get their hands on them. And in the wake of Thanksgiving's kickoff to the holiday season.....violence. The New York Posts reports "In Reno, Nev., a Walmart customer was gunned down during a fight over a parking spot just after doors were opened Thursday night."And in Tennessee, a person also was shot Thursday at a Memphis mall while shoppers were taking part in early Black Friday sales.The Jersey shooting took place about 1 a.m. outside a Macy’s department store at the Hamilton Mall in the Mays Landing section of Hamilton, Atlantic County Prosecutor Diane Ruberton said.

And just in time for the season. Black Lives Matter in Chicago wants you to know that your skin color determines what is in your heart and mind….Daily Caller reports "Black Lives Matter and other groups plan to block white-owned Chicago stores on Black Friday to bring awareness about police shootings, economic issues and alleged racism."So much for that warm glow of goodwill towards mankind that was the centerpiece of the Holidays. Will it now be replaced with the carnage of hyper consumerism?


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