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Jesse Jackson Demands A Blanket Pardon For Hillary Clinton

By Ukshep, 11/19/2016

While President- Elect Donald Trump continues to fill his cabinet with Anti Obama Administration candidates from the fortress of Trump Towers in New York City. From the top of the New World Order Pyramid down to the bottom….The minions are panicking. Meeting with his New World Order puppet counterpart German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Obama gave the brainwashed and violent anti Trump protesters the support they were whining for. Obama also mentioned the pointless attempt he and the dying corporate media are making to stifle the truth.

A cold reality is descending on Washington’s District of Criminals, fearing their just due as the tables are turning on the Federal Institutions that once protected them. Jesse Jackson is now calling for a blanket pardon of Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of crimes.

Even progressive Austin City Council member Greg Casar is waving the flag of Anti Immigration and Anti Trump rhetoric. Announcing that he will lead a protest in Austin,Texas on inauguration day with the local communist party in tow denouncing Donald Trump’s adherence to long established Immigration and Naturalization laws.


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