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Suspicious activity noted ahead of #JadeHelm15

By Ukshep, 06/15/2015

Suspicious activity noted ahead of #JadeHelm15

I just want to let you know!! Its happening again, More strange jade helm events. This time its small but take listen to this.

John Temblador, who is a retired California State Peace Officer, apparently witnessed a vehicle dashing through a Walmart parking lot on June 4. “at a high rate of speed”, bearing no “E” plate.

And John seems to think from what he saw that it was conducting a covert scan of some type. As he saw camera's aimed both forward and aft to either side of the vehicle to possibly scan license plates of the vehicles in the walmart parking lot.

Just one more jade helm anomaly adding to this clusterfuck of a scenario... We all see the signs people.. Something is about to happen soon. I doubt any of us know what! But we all sense it..

Source: https://www.intellihub.com/license-plates-being-rapidly-scanned-in-walmart-parking-lot-by-incognito-surveillance-vehicle/
Discussion: http://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/topic/1738-suspicious-activity-noted-ahead-of-jadehelm15/


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