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George Soros Owns Hillary Clinton: Why We Need Trump

By CSB, 10/14/2016

Published on Sep 29, 2016

A full show back when Glenn Beck wasn't fired for exposing this from FOX News . George Soros owns the democrats, and therefor, he owns Hillary Clinton . Another puppet in the New World Order scheme . Make no mistake, Trump is our only hope .. George Soros is currently funding Black Lives Matter in an effort to start a race-war .

Depending on how closely you’ve been following the news lately, George Soros is a name that tends to come up in almost any conversation that deals with anything of global significance .

The video is from the Glenn Beck show, back when Glenn was still on Fox News quite a few years ago. Regardless of what you may have thought of Glenn’s politics back then, or even now, you’ll be very hard pressed to find a better summery of who George Soros really is, than the presentation Glenn gives in the video . 

During his limited time at Fox, Glenn Beck was truly one of the greatest researchers in the country . He wasn’t left with much choice if he wanted to stay on the air. Because of the ridiculous level of scrutiny Beck was, and is still under to a large degree today, it was said that almost 1,000 hours of prep time went into each week’s shows. Think about that. In the video below, Glenn goes into every last detail about things that were known at the that time the video was filmed .


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