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Hidden Camera Masonic Ritual Satan Worship Exposed

By Cryptic Mole, 09/12/2016

Uploaded on Feb 25, 2012:

This is some real serious shit, so be forewarned if you're thinking of joining. You cannot say you didn't know the truth, and once you join, you can never leave. Ever! I never joined, but the reason I know what I do know is because I was raised in their way for 9 years. That's a lot of knowledge. I also have access to all of their writings that the public will never see. Because I never joined (I almost did via my father in law who died before it happened) I am still allowed to talk about them because I never took the blood oath of secrecy, but, I do know where my limits and boundaries are.

You would be shocked if you ever knew the things they know. It's way, way, way beyond all the stuff you read about on the internet. Believe me, you would fall flat on your face as the blood rushed from your head. Not only that, you would never believe the things these people can do.

In a nutshell and without you even knowing, you are completely subservient to their system even if you think you're not. They control the masses with keywords and trigger words and something called "The Rule of Balance." You are taught to make every decision in your life based on your emotions and never with logic... and you'd be surprised at just how many times you've done just that and which was most likely not always the wisest choice.


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