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All Black Haka

By Guitar Doc, 08/17/2016

All Black Haka



I forgot to add comments on why I posted this. It sort of came up in the head shrinking conversation I had with Cin and what I was listening to on the radio.


In NZ the Haka is often performed in respect to someone achieving something, almost the opposite of what it was intended originally. It was a call out by a Chief who wanted another warrior to stop hiding from him so he challenged him to come out and fight, a challenge to his manhood. This is generally how it is done for the All Blacks who challenge their opponents to perform and be strong in the face of their challenge.

The poking out of the tongue is suppose to symbolize what you head will look like when it has been severed and put on a  post and your tongue swells up in the Sun. As a war challenge it is "in your face".

It also serves another purpose for the players, it makes them calm. On the Radio a guy said this, after he performed a Haka all the emotion left him, no fear remained just calm.


In NZ we also have Kapa Haka which is stylized versions for entertainment. This has become popular and they have competitions every year. Their versions will often have music and traditional weapons displays mixed into it along with Dance.


So in NZ if has two purposes almost opposite each other. One a challenge and the other as a gesture of Victory/reward awarding of Mana (status and spiritual status).

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