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HOLD THE DOOR! - MKULTRA OR COINCIDENCE! You decide! Orlando Shooting

By Ukshep, 06/14/2016
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Brought to you by www.conspiracyoutpost.com

The Orlando shooting may have been a triggered event or victims were triggered to hold the door in a devious mkultra ploy to endanger even more americans whether gay or not.

#gameofraves #raveofthrones

Hodor = Hold the door = Is now a DJ! and on a tour called Rave of Thrones = this connects Hodor with the club scene! And people just happened to pull a Hodor.... Mere weeks after it aired! Cmon people! Either way this should be evidence of Social Conditioning or Mkultra at work!

Discussion thread: http://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/topi...


The term synchronicity is what you are looking for; not so muck MK-Ultra...

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