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TRIANGLE UFO NEAR Military BASE! Real UFO Sightings March 2016

By Ukshep, 04/04/2016

"I was out in my backyard with a fire due to the nice weather. Looking at the stars and satellites. Noticed triangle shaped object, no sound, white constant lights in corners and red strobe in center that pulsated. Tried to figure out what type of aircraft but no sound and no wings, etc. Just dark triangle shape that creeped along. Went and got wife to look so that I wouldn't be the only one to see it. I looked to be about 3000 feet in altitude and traveled 210 course then 40 minutes later came back reverse course 030. I was ready for the return and got footage with phone and night vision I use for hunting coyotes. I live next to an Air Force Base and use to seeing aircraft. This was different and hope others saw it tonight."


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