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New Images Of Ceres Show Craters And Bright Spots In Sharp Detail

By Ukshep, 02/17/2016

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is currently visiting the dwarf planet Ceres and it has sent back some stunning new images.

Recent images from the Dawn spacecraft show the dwarf planet Ceres in sharp detail. NASA notes, "Kupalo Crater, one of the youngest craters on Ceres, shows off many fascinating attributes...The crater has bright material exposed on its rim, which could be salts, and its flat floor likely formed from impact melt and debris." The exploratory craft was also able to capture a compact arrangement of fractures on the floor of Dantu Crater, similar to fractures on the floor of the Tycho crater on Earth's moon. According to the space agency, "This cracking may have resulted from the cooling of impact melt, or when the crater floor was uplifted after the crater formed." Dawn stands alone as the first mission to ever visit a dwarf planet. The images were taken from near the spacecraft's current altitude of 240 miles above Ceres, between December 19th and 23rd, 2015.


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