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I, Pet Goat 2, a PsyOp!?

By Last1oftheJedi, 10/21/2015

The strongest case for me that this might be true is that producing a computer generated vid like Pet Goat isn't cheap, and wasn't easy to produce when it was. Today, a lil easier, but we gotta remember the times in which things were made. With that, please enjoy ^.^


Heck, it probably is a PsyOp. The video is laden with Masonic symbols, archetypes, the Anti-Christ, Gods. and so.  Supposedly all of this imagery just came to the artist who developed I, Pet Goat II.

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not cheap and difficult to make? hmmmm. about 3 years ago when my niece was 6, she built a website and used free resource to do the same thing. 

I realize that having parents that work with NASA can put you ahead of the curve a bit when it comes to technology. oh wait, they work with NASA! she was probably created by satan's minions and placed into my sister's belly during a crazy NASA satanic ritual. oh god! I gotta get to the bottom of this....

Then you putting together something of that quality wouldn't be any effort at all. If a 6 year old can do it, and you're so pure in your genie line, then I only ask how long we have to wait. Spiders spinning webs of haterd, welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment. ^.~

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