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RAND Corp's nWo

By Last1oftheJedi, 10/21/2015
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GD said I should look into RAND in relation to predictive programming. I found this really sweet vid with less than 250 views, and thought, "This things deserves more hits". So, please enjoy, and thanks GD for setting me on this lil Trek (get it? That's punny ^.^)


Nice find. I read the interview version a few years back. My family (aunts mainly) were huge Star Trek fans. They would watch repeats on Saturday afternoons. I must have seen all the episodes many times.


The other side of RAND corp is it is full of Occultists. Their former members, board members and advisers reads like a who's who of American occultism. For those not in the know condoleezza rice is a known occultist and Bill Clinton is known as one of the most powerful Sorcerers in the USA literally able to seduce crowds (and court rooms) of people with his words alone.

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