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What's in your water?

By Last1oftheJedi, 10/01/2015
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Tonight, I learned Pastor A says all fags will burn. I've said before and will always preach, don't judge people like that, you have no idea what condemation you are wishing on someone. If you really care, truely love, and you'll aid in Jesus's work to save em. But this vid has nothing to do with religion. I just felt like after learning that and posting so many of his vids, I should say something.


The I Am That I Am hates the sin, but loves the individual dearly. Out of love, the I Am That I Am will
always make a way, because there is an unconditional and nonjudgmental love...

I do not call the I Am That I Am a he or him, because the I Am That I Am is neither a male or female,
but pure energy and/or lifeforce! You can call the I Am That I Am father if you'd like. I call the I Am
That I Am my creator who I honor and worship!

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