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The nWo plot to change the Word

By Last1oftheJedi, 09/27/2015
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It's an hour and 45 minutes, so I didn't want to plug it into the hollow earth thread, as I think I kinda detracted on it a bit. For that, I apologize, and hope this vid can show what is up with the modern bible, and how it came to be. 


@ hour 1, it starts going into some idology I believe is false, and here's why (yes I know it's my vid, that's why I have to debunk the bunk). If I am born in Iran, and raised a muslim, and always love God, and praise God and really believe, would that God send me to hell? No. God isn't stupid. He didn't divide the languages and then not expect diffrent interpatations of Him. Do I believe that Christ Jesus is the only way? Yes. Do I believe that those that never really got that message, but just glimpses and half truths are going to hell? No. God is not stupid. He knows your heart, no matter what name you call Him by, and at the end of the show, He will deal with that on a personal level with you, because He loves you on a personal level.

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