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Universal Soldier Russian Style: Nano Armor and Invisible Cape

By Ukshep, 08/09/2015
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The Special Purpose Materials lab that opened at the Saratov State University in 2014, is developing a soldier suit that would make the wearer invisible, keep him warm in winter and cool in summer as well as protect him against dangerous chemicals.

A roll of gauze is fed into a huge, 20 meter-long, machine and, seconds later, similar gauze appears on the other side.
Though it looks exactly the same to the naked eye, the processed material consists of microscopic fibers which are applied to the warp which, in turn is mixed with fabric to obtain a regular outfit with very unusual properties.

Depending on their chemical composition, the microscopic fibers can keep out gases and liquids, retain body heat or cool you down. And what’s more, they are also shock-resistant.
View through a sniper's rifle

Russia's Super Rifle is Gonna Getcha! From a Mile and a Half
The research being done at the laboratory is three-pronged: camouflage, protection (including against chemical agents) and life-support.
The new material can be used as part of a soldier’s outfit and as gas mask filters.


Interesting to say the lest . So now the day may come where this will be used by law enforcement . 

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