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The California Water Shortage is not real!

By CSB, 06/29/2015

In this episode guest host and off grid author Rich Scheben and Jason Van Tatenhove welcomes back to the show Deborah Tavares. They talk about the reality that water IS a renewable resource and that is now being manipulated to create climate refugees. (Primary Water) They also talk about Jade Helm 15, the looming financial collapse and the possibility of an ISIS attack. They then delve deeper into mind control technology, targeted individuals and Geo-Engineering.

Deborah Tavares is one of the leading, hardest working researchers in Alternative Media I am going to leave this link here to her website . This lady is awesome :cheer:






Yeah, water is a renewable resource as long as you steal it from the north

LOL  Those canucks will shoot you . They are crazy and I love them

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