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The Real Reason Behind The Middle East Invasion America is Serching for Imam Mahdi

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 rbear    240

The Invasion of Iraq and other countries that followed was not due to Oil, Opium or other natural resources, But rather America is after something, or should i say someone! sc

The article I am copying here which tells more about this was also published at an interesting time - about 11 days before the sarin attack in Goutha in Aug 2013, which we now know was perpetrated by the rebels and intended to allow a full scale invasion of Syria. After all sarin was used in the Holocaust and had great emotional ties but the UK Parliament was not impressed and against all expectations Assad is still there.

The timing here coincides with the US Senate ignoring Saudi threats to withdraw their billions in the US which could destroy the economy and stock prices and to allow 9/11 victims families to sue Saudi Arabia directly over 9/11. It may not get through Congress. Meanwhile Corbyn is saying that there may be war crimes to answer in court for Blair when the Chilcot report finally appears 6 years later and after the referendum as he says it will show Blair and Bush agreed to invade Iraq a year before Parliament voted on that. I think they are getting all this in now in case it is another whitewash as the people chosen to create that report were carefully chosen and their bios show that and how they are linked.

We all know about the list that General Wesley Clarke revealed which tells us that those nations with functioning air forces -Libya, Syria, Iraq and Iran were to be invaded and destroyed. In fact as some had links with Russia that may have helped to bring the coalition together for other reasons - naval bases (Libya had offered one) or even oil. But the thinking goes back to something quite different. I have written too much on this forum on the Blessed are the Peacemakers thread all about the prophecies that enticed young men from around the world to join the Jihad even how Iran claimed that Al Baghdadi was an Israeli actor called Shimon Elliot. We don’t know but perhaps they wanted to create a honey pot for these Jihadists which they could run and which would not be able to destroy the western world. Certainly they have been worrying about prophecies but I would point out that the Mahdi prophecy is really just another like the Maitreya, Kalki, Messiah etc and a late rather changed version of a very early one going back to Ancient Egyptian times. We are in the latter days and the Icelandic myth of Ragnarok also tells about this last great war of attrition. 

So here is the article going back to those halcyon days before IS was headline news and all the more chilling for that:

“Why Is Israel looking for Imam Mahdi?
By GPD on August 11, 2013
Shabana Syed for Veterans Today 

During the US occupation of Iraq it was routine to torture Iraqis in prisons like Abu Ghraib whose prison guards were using tactics learnt in Israeli training camps as Robert Fisk pointed out in ‘Abu Ghraib torture trail leads to Israel’; one of the most baffling questions asked during interrogation was “Where is the man called Imam Mahdi where is he hiding?”

According to Mohabat News a pro –Israel Iranian Christian news agency, the fear of the hidden Imam is so credible that they posted news of how the CIA and MI6 have been going to Iraq for the past 20 years to get information about imam Mahdi; how they tortured religious scholars and innocent villagers to ask question based on where the Imam was last seen? Which city? What time and when will he be coming again and in which year?

American corporate media has already shown sinister documentaries depicting the hidden messiah who is apparently advising Iranian politicians from his lofty hidden position and manoeuvring to bring about Armageddon.

So who is this Imam Mahdi that the Zionists controlling the American Congress and the international monetary system on the look- out for with orders to shoot him on sight.

Imam Mahdi is the 12th Shia Imam and according to Islamic hadiths is in ‘occultation’ or hidden and will return to earth to establish peace and justice on earth. He was born on July 29 869 in the city of Samarra, Iraq and his mother Nargis was of Roman descent.

He was kept hidden from birth till he disappeared because the rulers of the time the Abbasids knew the Prophesy of Imam Mahdi who will bring about a revolt against oppression and tyranny. The Abbasid’s knew that the prophesised one will be the son of the 11th Shia imam, Imam Al Askari.

In order to kill the child at the birth they kept a close eye on his household, even inspecting the women of the household to see who was with child.

According to the story the child’s birth and first few years were kept secret however as soon as Imam Al Askari was killed the son who was about 4 years old went into the realm of the hidden, he reappeared after a few years but disappeared again as the hunt for him gathered pace to await the ordained hour to reappear and destroy the perpetrators of evil and restore humanity cut cont forum.di 

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 Cryptic Mole    3,510
10 minutes ago, thedudeabides said:

Wrong, the purpose was to have and to hold strategic points to delay an eventual Chinese incursion into the middle east.

One of many reasons dude. Let us never forget the Russian Bear... ?

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 thedudeabides    2,010
8 minutes ago, Cryptic Mole said:

One of many reasons dude. Let us never forget the Russian Bear... ?

I have tried to explain.to many that we do things 20 years in advance. It is how our generals are taught.

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 Cryptic Mole    3,510
12 minutes ago, thedudeabides said:

I have tried to explain.to many that we do things 29 years in advance. It is how our generals are taught.

Every single country and government have been infiltrated by the US and England. ????

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