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Project Blue Beam and the Coming Pseudo-Messiah(s)

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 Rothbard    2,257

From the YouTube description (watch the video below):

In four infamous steps, the united governments and Alphabet Soups will unleash their infamous plan for world domination and world acceptance of their False Messiah, with Satan and the Fallen Angels leading this Great Deception.

Step 1: Breakdown of archeological sites and "new evidences" that have been found; thereby eliminating all other "religious texts"
Step 2: Gigantic space show in the sky via holographic projections and laser imaging: False Messiah to appear as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad, etc. in every corresponding region, speaking all languages. There will also be a Fake Rapture taking place in order to fool Christians into a pre-Rapture theory.
Step 3: Use of frequency waves, ELF, LF, and seismic waves in order to fully control and seize the minds of the people: making them believe that their "god" is talking to them, when this is in fact NOT the case.
Step 4: A Coming "Alien Deception" in which an oncoming "threat" from "extraterrestrials" will appear in the sky -- these "aliens" who are the Fallen Angels/Nephilim, who will seek to unite the world and convince the people that it was the "aliens" who created them and gave them substantial technology.

This will be needed in order to unite the world under a New World Order with a One World Government. A One World Government is useless without a One World Religion. This is how TPTB will plot to bring their New World Order into fruition -- in order for Satan to deceive, he must FIRST come in the form OF JESUS CHRIST: WHO IS THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!

Do not be fooled; do not be deceived.

WHEN, NOT IF, this happens, even the very elect could be fooled! DON'T LET THAT BE YOU!

Read the following article about Project Blue Beam:  http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/hoax/bluebeam.htm#.VzuGuY-cGUl


Is the flat earth awakening related to Project Blue Beam?  What about the dinosaurs hoax?  What about the world artifacts hoax (e.g., the Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. were faked in some capacity)?  What about the patent lies and fakeries of 9-11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombing that told us to trust nothing from the government - were they meant to discredit and overthrow the U.S. government?

Are these uncontrolled and genuine awakenings of the biggest conspiracies?  Are these controlled awakenings true but such revelations will be used for nefarious one-world government purposes?  Are these awakenings false and being used solely to create false movements that will be used for nefarious purposes?  Or are the one-world government/religion and Project Blue Beam claims false and simply meant to direct truth seekers the wrong direction?

Personally, I believe these awakenings like flat earth are factual and true but there's the possibility that these awakenings will be used for establishing a one-world system and were planned that way from the beginning. 

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 Cryptic Mole    4,520

Chemtrails play a roll in it all with the fine reflective metal particulates.

HAARP will provide the special effects of reflective water vapor.

... a grand light show of deception.

The alien lords from above come to rescue mankind.

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 YourMom2    1,354

Their own arrogance does them in every time. Every single time. There will be plenty that fall for their magic and that's a sad state of affairs but think of those that survive, the rebuilders of society. We won't be fooled again...at least for another century or two.

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