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Constituent Email to Lt Governor of Texas

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,612


Constituent Email to Lt Governor of Texas


Read the rest on the link above.


Yes, I am aware I did not use the proper salutation in this.  I cannot bring myself to refer to this man as honorable at this time.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick, 

It was nice to see that someone at an executive level in our state finally took a stand against the federal government in education; however, it seems that our priorities are entirely out of order. 

Why have Governor Abbott, Attorney General Paxton, SBOE Chair Bahorich, Commissioner Morath, a host of our legislators and you turned your heads and allowed the national standards to be forced into our Texas TEKS?  

How can we show the federal government that we do not want them telling our Texas school kids where they can congregate for break time when we allow the Feds to control their academic learning?  -


Kim Belcher

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