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In 2 days, congress will have the capability to pass the TPP at any time over the next 21 months.

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 Cinnamon    14,455

The International Trade Commission will present its findings to congress in 2 days, with the ITC presenting the idea that the TPP will have a positive economic impact and thus recommends congress to vote yes on it:http://www.politico.com/tipsheets/morning-trade/2016/05/itc-report-wont-unstick-tpp-just-yet-214310

This means in 2 days, congress will be able to vote pass the TPP for the first time. Now that it has gotten the rubber seal from the committee that oversees and gives expert recommendations on international economic issues.

Congress and the President could move it quickly like the PATRIOT Act, which passed in 4 days, spending one day each in committee, senate, house, and with the president. Very fast. Ready to go, just over a month after 9/11. Especially now that the election is becoming more and more locked down, if it’s Hillary vs Trump that ensures a Hillary win and thus a win for the existing establishment




In 1 year 9 months if it is not passed, it means the entire thing is null and void, according to this article. If it does get passed, which ofc it will, we might as well bend over and kiss our butts goodbye.  It's the end of borders, any vestiges of freedom and you can look forward to living in 3rd world status. This leveling of the playing field idea of the libs means not lifting people up, it means bringing us all down.

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