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A Laugh at stupid things Liberals Say

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A Laugh at stupid things Liberals Say

This is a face book page ; You may get a kick out of it . Funny Libturd stuff ; No wonder we are in trouble ..

I really don't know who is worse the libturds or the people who let the Libturds do what they do best ;; Screw things up !! :dry:


Note If you play the Trump video refreash your browser ; then you can read .


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Well I think there is some truth to the guns vs. doctors.  We all laugh about that especially the part about not wanting to give the statistics about lawyers for fear of contacting your doctor.  But in reality, liberals are afraid of being under the gun because of all the crimes they've committed that they deserve what they get.  But yet, it's ok for you to die from some operation gone bad at the hands of your doctor.  They want to remove the 2nd Amendment and instead give us the insanity that is the ObamaCare.  That's liberal logic for you. 

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