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After Review, Massive Superstructure Found By Kepler Telescope is Alien (Video)

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 BigRed    150


This has been a particularly fascinating year with lots of particularly outlandish stories about things allegedly going on in the heavens. Are they all true? Of course not. The question is, what if even just one IS true? No doubt what you are about to learn is among the most fascinating of all the stories reported, but be sure to check the extensive list of links at the bottom for even more crazy stories. 

Earlier this year The Kepler Telescope discovered something VERY strange orbiting a star just outside the Milky Way Galaxy. There appears to be a number of mysterious objects orbiting the star called KIC 8462852, and what has scientists baffled is that they have ruled out all the “usual suspects” like rogue planets, comets, asteroids, planetary collisions, and so on.  

According to scientists, if this IS in fact another civilization, it would be considered what is known as a Type 2 Civilization. We are what is known as a Type 0 Civilization. We are still reliant on fossil fuels (sorry Obama), and we reside only on our own planets (all speculation about the Secret Space Program aside). A Type 1 Civilization would be like the fictional Buck Rodgers television show where civilization has done planetary travel. That should put into perspective some idea as to how significant this discovery could very well be. 

In the first video, you’ll learn that earlier this year astronomers spotted an object in space that blocks a surprising amount of sunlight, leading to speculation it could be a massive structure built by aliens. CBS News science contributor Michio Kaku spoke to CBSN about the enormous discovery.



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We flat earthers trust astronomers' discoveries like we trust the Federal Reserve.

Am I suggesting that scientists would plant false evidence in public view? Yes, I am. They tease us with space cgi to make us think along party lines. More mind control. Religion, politics, science. They all work for the NWO to keep us dumb, drugged, and docile. 

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 Cryptic Mole    3,509

No one loves a great story like this more than me, but I think this is a typical case of science and wishful thinking. To run with the idea that they believe they may have found an advanced civilization who actually built such a massive alien structure is pure science fiction and silly speculation at best. Without even knowing all the particulars of this craziness, even I would go out on a limb and say whatever it is, it's just a natural phenomenon and when they discover what it is, they'll have egg on their faces. ?

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