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Exposing the Marxist/Communist Past of Hillary Clinton

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Exposing the Marxist/Communist Past of Hillary Clinton

Posted April 16, 2015  at FreedomOutPost

Hillary Clinton left college being described as a budding Leninist, her ideology in line with the Communist party. Why would the United Sates want to have Hillary Rodham Clinton as the President of the United States when, according to her learning, the United States had to change from a free society into a Marxist or Communist society?

In today's society, what Hillary Rodham Clinton stated back in 1973 seems like exactly what she states today. She calls for, "the liberation of children from the empire of the father." Maybe this is why our families are falling apart today—because ideas like those of Hillary Rodham Clinton wish to demean the father figure in the home and make him seem like a ruling king? Hillary Rodham Clinton sounded like a pure Communist back then, and it would not seem too unrealistic to think she harbors those same ideas today.

These are just tidbits from the link here : http://freedomoutpost.com/exposing-the-marxistcommunist-past-of-hillary-clinton/

She is a much worse of a individual than Obama, as she did not hide her past, and that alone shows Hillary Rodham Clinton to be much more of a Communist extreme left individual than even Obama is .

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