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Life in 75% Black Birmingham: Black Pastor Puts Up Sign Asking God to “Stop Blacks from Killing Blacks”

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A sign in 75 percent black Birmingham… something you’ll never see in a community of only white people

It’s moments like this we owe a sincere apology Bull Connor, whose long ago actions in defense of western civilization look more prescient with each passing day. [Birmingham pastor’s public prayer: ‘Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks’, AL.com, May 11, 2016]:

Rev. Michael Jordan has a prayer.

He doesn’t just whisper it during quiet times. The Birmingham pastor puts it out there on the marquee at New Era Baptist Church for God, and everyone else, to see.

His latest message? “Lord, please stop blacks from killing blacks.” The other side reads, “Young black males must respect authority.”

“Our young black men are dying,” Jordan said. “I think it gets too much attention when a white policeman kills a black male, but it gets no attention when it’s black on black murders.”

It’s a bold move for a black man, a black pastor, in a black community. But, he’s no stranger to controversy.

Just three years ago, Jordan expressed his outrage over the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict with a sign that read, “George Zimmerman jury supported white racism.” On the other, he posted a reference to the 1983 Baby Doe’s rape case in Birmingham: “Rape a white woman and you will die in prison.”

In 2008 he posted a sign saying, “Warning: Crack cocaine is sold on this street,” as a warning about drug dealers in the neighborhood. In 2004, he put up a message on the New Era church sign that said, “AIDS is God’s curse on a homosexual life.” cont DS

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