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America First Has Jews Feeling the Heat and Scheming for Your Shekels

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You know that common saying about underdogs; the one that says everyone loves them? I don’t know where that saying came from but it’s a crock of crap. No one likes underdogs except the people who identify with them. Donald Trump is no exception, and to my memory, I can’t say I’ve seen anyone take so much hate for wanting to put America first and at the same time quite literally be the political underdog.

This is a guy whose campaign was largely ridiculed as a joke and a publicity stunt. A guy who’s now throwing the entire Jewish-controlled Western world into a tailspin from 50,000 feet at breakneck speed echoing ‘Oy vey!’ the entire way down. The God-Emperor has by all rational calculations as well as the current party convention rules – which I’m sure will be used against him since he violated the (((spirit))) with which they were written – secured the Republican party’s nomination. If I had to imagine a setting and plot for a Hollywood style underdog tale Donald Trump and the 2016 Presidential election would top the charts.

So imagine my laughter when I come across this article in the Times of Israel about global conversations ‘heating up’ (LOL) and Israel needing to come together. Of course when Jonah Balfour says Israel he means every Jew on the entire planet, because you know, Jews have to do what they do best; ‘come together and do what we have always done – support each other’.

Balfour’s article is about a crowd-funding platform called Cause Match with the focus on a specific funding campaign predictably named “Iam Israel”. Apropos to say the least. Cause Match, on the surface, purports to ‘ignite your power to do more good’ while offering ‘a diverse ecosystem of crowd-funding campaigns’. But if you look more closely at their ‘Causes’ sectionand navigate through the listed categories it quickly becomes apparent this is an Israeli/Jewish shekel grabbing front group with a few goyim (read not of the chosen) causes interspersed throughout meant to steal shekels from goyim and chosen alike.

The current ‘Iam Israel’ Campaign has a target goal set to $3,000,000 but so far they’ve only raised $161,444. This is very unfortunate! This is barely enough to send little Moshe to Harvard. I’m sure the thought of a White taking Moshe’s rightful place has these Heebs jumping into shit-filled port-o-johns in their expectation of another Shoah.

Being the inquisitive goyim I am I searched around a little to see if I could find out who’s behind what is essentially a legal money laundering scheme to Israeli interests all over the globe. Now, I don’t have a problem with groups supporting their own members strictly speaking but how it’s framed by Balfour, and the appearance of the site itself, implies this is a resource for all. I like to stay objective so I maintained this assumption up until the point where I started to notice a multitude of Jewish moon-letters all over several campaigns and suspiciously few goyim related campaigns as well as an overabundance of (((tribal))) interest specific money-raising initiatives.

LinkedIn has a profile for Cause Match where they’re listed as a Public Company in the Fund-Raising industry with 1-10 ‘employees’. Also listed is an address to 404 Wilson Road Ashland, Oregon 97520 – which was somewhat surprising.


That’s right. This multi-million dollar collecting website is registered to a literal tribe of Jews within a residential property located near the suburb of Ashland right outside of Medford, Oregon. Anyone care to take a guess at the racial demographic statistics of Ashland? Oh, a little fun fact about Ashland – it was founded by a German immigrant and frontiersman named Abel Helman. I wonder how these Jews would feel if I evicted them out of their homes and moved my family of German ancestry into their former residences? Don’t take that as cucking for Palestine I just find presenting hypocrisy is a tried and true method against Jewish propaganda and their double standards.

cont DS

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