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Another Conspiracy Theory: Biker War Designed To Bring Martial Law To Texas (Videos)

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 AnonG    25


Texas has been embroiled in conspiracy lately between the Jade Helm military exercises and now this biker war that erupted in Waco yesterday.Current reports are that this run in with the police has left 9 dead and several injured, after a shoot out with police. The gunfire erupted between rival armed motorcycle gangs and police in a restaurant Sunday afternoon in Waco, Texas. More than 200 bikers from at least five outlaw motorcycle gangs had gathered at the restaurant for what was part motorcycle recruiting event and part turf war. This latest incident makes one wonder, are they looking for a catalyst,since Ferguson wasn’t enough?  Baltimore wasn’t enough.The stage has been set in Texas, and Waco is one of their favorite backdrops.Was this by design? Are the ‘dead’ really even dead?

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