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Justice through Clemency

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1 in 6 Men are Unemployed or in Jail in U.S. as Economy Sinks Like Titanic!

In 2014, there were 38 million men in the
United States between the ages of 18 and 34; about
5 million of those young men were jobless, and
1 million were incarcerated.1 Those numbers and
some related longer-term trends have significant
economic and budgetary implications. Young men
who are jobless or incarcerated can be expected to
have lower lifetime earnings and less stable family
lives, on average, than their counterparts who are
employed or in school. In the short term, their
lower earnings will reduce tax revenues and
increase spending on income support programs,
and the incarceration of those in federal prison
imposes costs on the federal government.


Credit to: CattyScatbrat InformedPlanet.org

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just wait till robots take over jobs.. forget about illegal immigrants.. what about illegal robots taking our jobs.. and digital currency.. it's coming.. we need to learn growing food techniques.. that way we can survive without an employment process

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