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Is the 'migrant crisis' part of a Zionist plot against white Europeans?

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With the Holocaust still getting shoved down our throats to the nth degree, is the mass migration of illegal immigrant muslims into Europe yet another form of Zionist payback to weaken the ethnicity of each white - predominantly Christian-European nation?  Also, is this being done to divide & conquer each country's populace?






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You will not understand just what this means right now, but when the time comes, you will.

And yes, this is most certainly cryptic.

"Look above your heads and below your feet so you will know how it all begins and how it ends."

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Verses are never, set in time.
Nor important, that they rhyme.
Message given, cryptic in nature.
Place your bets, make a wager.
Whores cry out, in desperate anger.
Secure yourselves, drop your anchor.
They arrive, belts unbuckled.
False reality, becomes uncoupled.
Run and hide, your frowning faces.
Laying waste, your warring races.

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Anything I've posted here on this thread is actually relevant to this thread.

They are trapped, within the mine.
Found the secrets, of the time.
Tick tock clock, your time has stopped.
Continuous image, has been cropped.
Secret story, you'll never know.
140 x 2 abandoned below.

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