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Unrepentant HITLER SUPERFAN Ken Livingstone Once Again Seizes Opportunity to Express His Unifying Love for the Führer

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 rbear    240


Ken Livingstone 

In his new interview, Mr Livingstone told Memri TV: ‘The creation of the state of Israel was fundamentally wrong, because there had been a Palestinian community there for 2,000 years.

‘The creation of the state of Israel was a great catastrophe. We should have absorbed the post-WWII Jewish refugees in Britain and America.

‘They could all have been resettled, whereas 70 years later, the situation is still very tense, and there is potential for many more wars, potential for nuclear war.’

He added: ‘When Hitler won the elections in 1932 and came to power, his policy was not directed toward killing the Jews.

‘He wanted to deport all the Zionists to Israel [sic]. If you look at the Arab world at the time, there were large Jewish communities that never suffered threats or attacks.

‘They lived in peace alongside their Arab neighbours. But all of this was destroyed with the establishment of the state of Israel.’

Ken is straight killing it – “Hitler did nothing wrong, he was just trying to help the Jews.”

What Livingstone is saying – that Hitler supported Zionism and had no plan to gas the jews – is really a hop and a skip away from “gas chamber were a hoax.” And Livingstone’s position is close to being the mainstream leftist view on the Jew state.

etc cont DS

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