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The Antarctic Conspiracy Finally Exposed? (Videos)

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This post is going to stretch your mind to the outermost limits…

“There is a feeling, that all over the world, people have become dissatisfied, with the sterile, dry, and frankly meaningless answers to the great mysteries of life that are given by science and by history. More and more people, and I would say perhaps it runs into hundreds of millions around the world, are increasingly aware that we’re a much more mysterious species than we give ourselves credit for… and that there are many more secrets and mysteries in our past than we are prepared to accept at the moment… 

And this intuitive sense that people have, is driving them to re-examine the past of the human race, whether or not the historians and the scientists want to do it. The people themselves are leading the way in this quest for the truth about our own past.” - Graham Hancock

Those are the exact words used by Graham Hancock in a video presented a bit later, but since I’ve never heard my own thirst for hidden knowledge articulated so perfectly, my hope is that it struck you the way it did me. If so, then here is my promise to you:

This post is going to stretch your mind to the outermost limits… for me it has been the beginning of what may last a lifetime of searching. If you read and watch from start to finish, and you don’t ask yourself, “What if?” at least 100 times, then I’ve failed. 

I have no answers for you, only more questions myself, but what I’ve seen in the material that follows baffled even Albert Einstein in his day… and the mystery has only grown far, far deeper since Einstein’s day. There is so much on the Internet these days that is pure nonsense, particularly on the subject of Antarctica, and the mysteries that surround it, however I offer you no hypothesis, no theories, just information… to do with what you will, so I can hardly be accused of pushing any “agenda.” 


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The Earth is flat.... secret is out.  Why do things not make much sense and seem to get worse every year?  Because the Earth is flat & all things true have been suppressed.  We operate in backwards world where slow killing yourselves is good for the environment and makes sense, lol.

Every day more evidence disproving NASA emerges online.  For those not looking for it, they don't know it even exists online because the MSM & their best friends, the TVs, aren't telling them it's out there.

Some of us are here now telling you all now it's true and the evidence is there online for all to see for themselves.  If you are waiting for "the accused liars who control all news & media" to tell you about it, you have a long wait ahead of you, that is unless we get too loud for them to ridicule & ignore any longer.

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