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May 11th! New Doom Date!

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 Ukshep    13,359

Thought i noticed some subtle patterns in media lately, So i am marking may 11th as a date to watch!

Here is the strangeness! all of these things have been brought to my attention in the last week or two. All with the same undertone and keyword rich points. Paints a pretty shitty picture for may 11th if this is some kind of coded warning!

#1 - DOOM (4) Simple announcement - DOOM – Get Ready to Fight Like Hell - Steam Preloading – Begins at 12 AM ET on May 11th

#2 - OTEP (4) – Generation Doom Tour - Lacey Sturm, September Mourning, Through Fire, Doll Skin on May 11th

#3 - Christoph "Doom" Schneider (born 11 May) german musician / Rammstein! <-- satanic music

#4 Weapons of Mass Destruction: Challenges for the Next Administration -  Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction - The annual symposium will be held on 11-12 May 2016

#5 This from last year, that i've seen getting shared a lot lately <-- alien coded message, may 11th

#6 Walmarts latest flyers deals end on may 11th - you can check that here - http://walmart.flyerify.com/

Just seems the date has some strangeness to it. Gives of a satanic/destruction/death kinda vibe.

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 Cinnamon    14,646

11 stands for 2 pillars of strength. At least that's what I read when researching the twin towers.  What could the 2 pillars be now? Russia/U.S.A. ?  We are fighting wars globally. More get drawn into it every few weeks or months.  Lebanon is next up, something going down there. Yemen... was that a wild card?  It's not on the list of 7.  Alliances of military force are completely clear as to who would fight who. The line is drawn, the question is, who's going to try to take that one step forward to the announcement of WW3? I see doom in terms of wars right now.  People who want to foment war for conquest are led by evil thoughts. Maybe those come from Satan or whatever dark force is out there. It's getting darker.  Misery comes in SO many forms. 

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 JibbyJedi    1,160
21 minutes ago, Cinnamon said:

Why not?

Weakens polarity shielding.

Doom Conspiracy Outpost & Flat Earth - should be our name here, lol.

I can see I'm not in the right place as far as "dooms" go, I was all about this stuff for many years, then crossing the FE bridge & what came with it.... like nukes being a hoax.... most if not all of the past dooms I suffered thru worrying about have washed away entirely.  I still see the same headlines I use to see since early 2000s, and still nothing has happened except the slow boil of us, the frogs in the pot of water.

That's the real dooms.... what they are doing to us all in 1 step at a time fashion, it accumulates over time but each single action doesn't really sting too hard so we let it slide, but over time we have a mountain of BS now targeting & harming us all in our every day lives, not the BIG doom events that help sell newspapers in this digital age.  It's a business, we are the cattle that are being milked & slaughtered over time while replenishing our numbers after watching either a Disney movie or a beer commercial, lol.

May 11th...... nothing will happen.  If I'm right.... I want donator status and ability to like more than 6 posts per day.


I donate in videos, with more to come.

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