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Toxic Toys - What to Know Before You Buy

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Toxic Sex Toys - What to Know Before You Buy

To your health

I debated :DWsKVPL: if I should post this thread or not but then I thought way not it's really not porn ... I just posted it for the information value . It's kinda like FDA alcohol content labeling there is none that I know of . Here it gos .

If you use these things I don't want to know ! :facepalm: But I do see this as just one more trick/way to destroy human health . 

The sex toy industry is not regulated…by anyone. Sex toys are classified as “novelty use”, and not under scrutiny of any agency for consumer safety. “Novelty use” means that the item basically has no use and therefore is not regulated (no use? wow, could we teach them a thing or two!). We are indeed using these toys, we are inserting these items in places with mucous membranes and delicate tissues galore.

Toxic toys contain PVC plastics with “phthalates” (pronounced tha-lates), which help to soften the toys. Greenpeace has called on the European Union to ban the use of phthalates in adult novelties, as they have already banned them in toys for children. The latest research indicates that exposure to these substances can upset the body’s ability to regulate hormone production, damage reproduction, and can cause liver and kidney defects. They can also possibly cause cancer.

If you want to read this here is the link :rJwJ7w9: : https://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/184960/toxic_sex_toys_what_to_know_before_you_buy/

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