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Putin Offers Disillusioned Britons FREE LAND to Resettle In Russia

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 Lucy Barnable    2,689

The sprawling plots, which are 2.5 acres in size, are located in an enormous region stretching from the Arctic Circle to the Chinese border, where winter temperatures can drop to a chilling -47 degrees celsius and population density currently stands at three people per square kilometre. 

But its not all bad news for adventurous house-hunters. The far east of Russia is famed for its stunning natural beauty, with hundreds of miles of rolling hills, grass plains and soaring mountain ranges. Known as the land where ice meets fire, settlers can look forward to hiking the snow-covered slopes of active volcanos or relaxing in hot springs. 

Summers are also long and comfortably warm, with 25 degree temperatures providing the perfect climate in which to explore the region’s dramatic landscapes.


If given the choice between Siberia and Sharia I'd be all :njihtnht:

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 JustATrucker    408

Well Shep, looks like you can start packing anytime LOL... Enjoy your new home.... I hope it comes with free food for life, and all the other riches of life...

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