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audio: Truth Will Out Radio: The Final Jigsaw Piece (section devoted to Bill Cooper)

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 rbear    240

Schmitt goes on to expose the Jew spies behind the Morgenthau plan and how these vindictive Jews also started the UN and the IMF. They came up with the idea of UN peace-keepers and of course peace was defined by the Soviets as being when every country in the world becomes a communist one. This is the same as the Islamic idea of peace, which will be when the whole world submits to shariah law. Sven explains why the Jews make such good spies, how they had a lot of practice at pretending to be a different nationality and religion through the centuries.

Dennis had a moment of clarity this week when researching Bill Cooper and the last half hour of the podcast is taken up with him explaining his life and what it was that he discovered, that proved to be the final jigsaw piece to Communism by the Back Door. Cooper realised there had been a huge advance with the New World Order after the war but he failed to see that the reason for this was that Hitler had been holding it back. He also identified the Bolshevik revolution as being a turning point, but he made the mistake of thinking that National Socialism was the same as International Socialism.

Eventually, near the end of his life Cooper gave his suggestions on how the world could be put right and just about everything he came up with, had already been carried out by Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP. He may have been linked with the aliens conspiracy, but realised later on that this was all a part of a huge aborted project to dupe the world into believing in an alien invasion, in order to create a coalition against it. With the success of the EU and the UN it became unnecessary, but it has still wasted a lot of conspiracy theorist’s time and kept them distracted from the Jews. cont DS download


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