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Race and Racism 101: Intro & Terminology

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1) Motivation (insufficient justification): Throughout the world, there is a ‘new enlightenment.’ Maintaining certain illusions has become so demanding and frustrating that increasingly people simply go for the plain truth because whatever else they say would make little difference in the reception. People witness such and thus find new courage to “call a spade a spade” without apologizing, since an apology in today’s mainstream irrational discourse is a mere revealing of weakness that invites further attacks by the masses of self-righteous intellectual weaklings. Since science for me is not a career but “higher calling,” I hold the availability of relatively uncorrupted information in high regard. Of course, this does not imply that humans do not need illusions or that elite may not allocate information with the best interest also of “their subjects” in mind. I believe that my message is sufficiently encrypted and apologize if I am mistaken in this. I go ahead partially because of my feelings of responsibility toward some “common good” and other vanities of mine such as trying to sate a desire for “meaning” by applying my mind and resources to address suffering as if I could change anything. Those in fear of a certain awakening become desperate and increasingly violent. Those emboldened, like usually, are also only human and moreover still shaped by the old. Considering collective social phenomena rather than individuals, we all together may trigger once again a round of unprecedented suffering. Sub-species (“races”) are now taking center stage due to that the denied race related problems approach tipping points, and race would anyway soon unavoidably take center stage for the reason alone that artificial intelligence (AI) contributes a sort of superior species explosion. All those in denial, I ask: Do you want to walk blindly into the developing race war? There are increasingly many who have few illusions about it, and some of those are ready and confident in their superiority. To those I ask: Are you sure you really want the total race war? This time around, such will turn into species war, and the elites are the elites are the elites – this is the utterly ruthless true conspiracy in the world: Co-evolution! Perhaps you should start proving to our future overlords rather than to your impressionable, mere biological contemporaries that some human apes are relatively rational, intelligent, benevolent beings, and that you truly are among them.

2) Overview: We will cover first fundamental aspects, including terminology such as “race,” “race-realism,” “racism,” and “discriminatory speciesism.” I will discuss the boundaries of the domain of applicability of the distinction of species in the second lecture. That will resolve the question of “whether races exist” from a one step more fundamental level (species rather than sub-species). I will then turn from the fundamental aspects toward empirical science and describe a few of the most important and interesting species such as apes and cats. Then, focusing on apes, I describe a few of the most intelligent and powerful human races such as Ashkenazim Jews and Han East Asians. Turning from mere empirical science toward yet more directly applying science, I will discuss for example race mixing, which is an intriguing issue for the reason alone that it is one of the rare topics where the guidance from my general “next level” fundamental approach to controversial questions had to ever be significantly modified due to empirical data – a failure mode that the approach, if correctly applied, should immunize us from as necessary in a postmodern age where all information is made up and reality is virtual.

Finally I will discuss whether certain species such as violent predators and particular races such as Jews should be exterminated and if so, how? This question, “Die Judenfrage,” is so controversial that many hold it to be evil if merely acknowledging its existence. But denying the questions that humans are actually concerned about is what easily leads to bloodshed, not our mature addressing of the concerns that humans do have. This issue is on people’s minds all over the world, in some regions obviously and with religious hate, in others it shows itself after only a little scratching. History is a source of information we must regard with utmost suspicion, but it is quite certain in all interpretations that such questions are correlated with rivers of blood as deep and as wide as the related denial. Established science is in an unacceptably terrible state if we scientists are effectively prohibited from addressing the most problematic issues that threaten mankind. It seems to me that addressing such questions som

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