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African Blogger Damon Young Says African $20 “Trolling for White Tears”

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 rbear    240


he plan to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill is an attack on Whites, period.

This woman is in no way historically relevant. No one even knows who she is.

There are several American Blacks who would have been much more logical picks, if this was simply about celebrating an accomplished Negroid. These include:

Michael Jordan

Jimi Hendrix

Mike Tyson

Marvin Gay

Charlie Parker


I would personally feel most comfortable with either Tyson or Parker, but all these people accomplished much more than Harriet Tubman, who was specifically an anti-White who worked to deprive Whites of their rightful property.

The only purpose of the Tubman bill is to attack White achievement – not to promote Black achievement.

But that is all the Black movement and the larger SJW movement is about: attacking Whites. It has nothing to do with actually bettering any of these supposed victims.

The fact of this made clear by the Black response to the bill’s announcement.

For Very Smart Brothas (kek), the Negroid Damon Young writes: etc

If Blacks actually cared about that, they would be enraged that some random human trafficker from a hundred and something years ago they’ve never even heard of is being put on the bill instead of Mike Tyson or Charlie Parker. cont DS

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