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Corbyn: “Jews at Heart of Labour Party”

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What do we have here? I have written about this before... The real far left have really lost it and acually question the holohoax, while the fake far left claims antisemitism  hahah, what a great time it is to be here to witness all this. Its on this board somewhere, search past post, short on time atm. Anyhow:


Jews have been at the “heart” of Britain’s far left Labour Party and “progressive politics” in Britain for 100 years, party leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced, and therefore it cannot be “anti-Semitic.”

Ironically, the current “controversy” in the Labour Party is the inevitable result of its policies of promoting mass Third World immigration—which has led to a rise in nonwhite membership sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians.

pic link Note the large number of nonwhite faces in the crowd, all the product of the establishment-promoted policies of mass Third World immigration.

The true far left—as opposed to the Jewish lobby fake far left—is indeed opposed to Israel’s proven brutality, mass murder, terrorism, and violent suppression of the Palestinians after the latter people’s land was seized to create the state of Israel.

The Jews—being at the “heart” of the Labour Party, as Corbyn said, had always previously demanded that everyone else be “non-racist”—but consistently ignored the fact that Israel is the state with the most racially-based laws in the world, eclipsing Nazi Germany in its demands for separation from Gentiles, and Apartheid South Africa in the extent of its racial segregation.

This Jewish lobby duplicity and hypocrisy have effectively been kept under wraps by the Jewish-controlled mass media for decades—but now with the advent of the Internet, their stranglehold on news and information has been sabotaged.

In addition, the Jewish lobby’s promotion of the policies of mass Third World immigration has led to a large nonwhite resident population in Britain and most Western nations.

These nonwhites—now numbering in the millions—are almost all supporters of the far left parties, and also of the Palestinian cause.

This in turn has created the situation where, for example, senior UK Labour Party officials have demanded that the policy of “non-racism” also be applied to Israel.

It is this demand for consistency which is now being portrayed as “anti-Semitic.”

It is this demand for consistency—to judge the Jewish state by the same standards that the Jews judge all Gentile states—that is now the cause of the screams of “anti-Semitism.” chopped but continued on DS

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Jewish Labour Coup Intensifies! Will Corbyn Resign???

The attempted Jew takeover of Labour continues to deliver the lols!

Labour party official Ken Liviningston appeared on Leading Britain’s Conversation with David Mellor and Michael Crick and three times refused to deny Adolf Hitler.

He is now being called “the Reverse Peter” by most of the internet.

Ken: If I’d known that this eruption, all this waste of time [it] was going to be, I wouldn’t have mentioned Hitler.

David: So are you sorry for mentioning Hitler?

Ken: I wish I hadn’t…but I’m not going to apologise for telling the truth.

Michael: But are you sorry that you mentioned Hitler?

Ken: I regret doing that.

Michael: Why don’t you say I’m sorry?

Ken: Because sorry sounds I’m apologising for what I said!

The context is Livingstone’s factual statement that Adolf Hitler supported Zionism. Of course, he used it in the most cucked way imaginable – “Zionism is bad because Hitler supported it” – but that isn’t really the point.

This has enraged the Jews for multiple serious reasons: he is questioning Zionism, he is mentioning Adolf Hitler and he is indirectly pointing to the fact that Hitler’s goal was simply to remove Jews from Europe, rather than to gas them.

Livingstone was fired last week, but it’s still the top story. cut but continues on DS

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Thought it was over.. Hardly...


Jew Admits Board of Deputies Behind Plot to Unseat Corbyn with Fake Antisemitism Scandal


The extent of the divide within Labour was highlighted when David Rosenberg, an ally of Mr Corbyn and co-founder of Jews for Jeremy, said that the Board of Deputies was “part of the problem, not part of the solution”.

Writing in the latest edition of Labour Briefing, a monthly magazine of the hard left, Mr Rosenberg suggested that those on the right of the party and other groups were using antisemitism claims to attack Mr Corbyn, and that the Board of Deputies was part of that.

He wrote: “The Board of Deputies, which falsely claims to be the ‘representative’ body of British Jews, has waded in too. Jonathan Arkush, its president, told The Standard that the ‘Jewish community could not trust Labour any more’.

In truth the targets are both Corbyn and Palestine. The ardently pro-Zionist Board of Deputies, in particular, is using the Palestine issue to play party politics.”

David Abrahams, who has given more than £600,000 to the party but has now halted his funding, said that he could no longer remain silent and called for Mr Corbyn to step down. 

cont DS

Ah yeah, bad jew, no more money for you. We need submissive Jew.

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Yes, Hitler did Send the Jews to Palestine


In yet another example of the Jewish lobby’s control over UK politics, far-left UK politician Ken Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party for accurately saying that Hitler supported Zionism.

Hitler personally approved the “Transfer Agreement” with the World Zionist movement to expedite the transfer of Jews from Germany to Palestine—and Himmler’s SS also enthusiastically supported the Zionist project.

As detailed in the best-selling work The Six Million: Fact or Fiction, by holocaust researcher Peter Winter, the Nazi-Zionist cooperation began very early in the Nazi era.

The first indication of an affiliation between the Nazi government and the Zionist movement came with the 1935 Nuremberg Laws of Race, Winter points out.

“The reason for the Zionist-Nazi cooperation was simple: the Nazis wanted the Jews to leave Germany, and the Zionists wanted the Jews to come to Palestine to help create the Zionist state,” he writes, going on to show that the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, “which are now dismissed as Nazi anti-Semitic laws, were in fact drawn up with the active assistance and support of the [Zionist-supporting] German Council of Jews.”

“Thus it is no surprise that soon after the Nazis came to power, the Zionist Federation of Germany submitted a document to Hitler’s office which offered its support in “solving the Jewish question” (Memo of June 21, 1933, as reproduced in The Third Reich and the Palestine Question,Francis R. Nicosia, Austin: University of Texas, 1985, p. 42). etc cont DS

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The Daily Traditionalist: Watching the Left Eat Itself

Sven Longshanks joins Matthew Heimbach to talk about the suspension of Red Ken Livingstonefrom the UK Labour Party for supposed ‘Anti-Semitism’. All he was actually saying is that Hitler worked with the Zionists to help the Jews emigrate to Palestine in 1932, which is an easily verifiable fact. According to John Mann though, the Havaara agreement is just a neo-nazi conspiracy theory put about by evil racists. He went absolutely bezerk at Ken upon hearing him mention Hitler, chasing him down the street and trying to shout him into silence, while Ken was actually live on air at the time trying to give an interview over the telephone.

Apart from being absolutely hilarious, this will be a big help to us when people realise that Livingstone was actually telling the truth. It will be seen that facts are ‘anti-semitic’ and that anti-semitism is just a way for Jews to silence the people who they dont like. The BBC even admitted that anti-semitism can be anything the Jews want it to be, but they thought this was a good thing! They have now also tried to twist Ken’s words and are claiming he said that Hitler was a Zionist, which is completely different to the point he was making.

audio link on DS  or 

The Daily Traditionalist: Watching the Left Eat Itself – DT 042816 Download


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Jews have to infiltrate all political parties. Control freaks.Maybe alot more people are awakening to the brainwashing.Nice to see some politicians who aren't a  total waste of time and aren't afraid to speak up. Politically incorrect politicians are fine by me.

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