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TBH  ---------    It's not what the f*** it used to be. Too many pussies all in one chat, expecially Dahboo 77 school achedimiacs graduate mod JET and the other 1 or two others.

you know how much shit talking we talked to each other, debauchery type stuff, ect, ect.? in chat. it was nuts. but atleast we got the point across. Now its this guy hurt my feelings type of CRAP.

It might as well be a liberal university SAFE SPACE as far as I am concerned.

Don't go...... Just don't go..... Let's hang out watch movies, ect. its more productive that that pile.

old glpers should just drop it, its a former shell of what it used to be. and I f***ing hope to god trin reads it, chat mods read it.

I'm still sorry you smell like burn't Vaseline trin........


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