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Geoengineer Ken Caldeira Tells Citizen Journalist to ''Shut the f_<% up!''

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 Talon    716

Intrepid citizen journalist Patrick Roddie recently attended a function at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. The program was entitled "Hacking the Climate" and it involved a panel discussion about geoengineering. The panel included top geoengineer Ken Caldeira. After the formal discussion, Mr. Roddie confronted Mr. Caldeira and the usually confident and mild mannered geoengineer blew his top. For the f-bomb, go to the 8:48 mark.


Not only is 'Captain Chemtrail' providing us with great headline fodder, he is also busy digging his own grave on many other fronts. The following quotations are Caldeira's response to Mr. Roddie's question lodged during the proceedings. He speaks to the massive size of this project. He speaks to the government's ability to keep something like this a secret. He deflects responsibility. He suggests that the American public is so ignorant that the geoengineers would openly get away with it. He comes very close to admitting the program.


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Snip from Talon's link

Ken Caldeira is scared and for good reason. Who benefits? Geoengineers have invested their lives in this program. If the geoengineers are able to sell this project to the American people, that means all the companies involved can come out of the shadows, go public and issue stock. If this program gains legitimacy, the geoengineers get huge paydays for the rest of their lives.

It's only going to get worse for you, Ken. We're coming. We will not stop. We want to legally and lawfully prosecute you. You will not escape. You might as well start talking now. This is the only way you might be spared the harshest of penalties. Your New World Order has already had its brief flight and it has already crashed and burned. Your cause is lost. Surrender, now

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