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Can't Trust anyone. ATM

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My Darkfall tendencies are kicking in.

People impersonating people, doing weird shit out of place, ect.

I need voice verification. I don't care if you are the King of the World. I need Voice Veri - Atleast I know who the f*** my GUILD MATES are - SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL ME ABOUT YOU? Some of you need to change your password. is what I am saying.

I swear to god some of you are being impersonated by some hackers / shit starters.

That is all I got to say.

This is why I tell you to get on facebook and talk to me, for fb feeds. This is why I tell you to get on Skype so I can talk to you.

This is your own demise, I have nothing against you, my Darkfall / Darktide instincts are kicking in cuz assholes are doing what they are going to do, doing what they are doing now.


Don't be mad at me cause I think you are someone else or whatever the f***.

I'd RATHER be an ASSHOLE and TELL THE TRUTH than be nice and tell a LIE.

That is all you need to know.

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5 hours ago, Ukshep said:

something in the water lately. everyone is going whacko.

You doing good? Yeah I noticed that for the last 2 or 3 days.

Dunno what it is, my end, I think the aholes are impersonating people I know, I had these strange, f*** you, f*** off incidences, when just yesterday or that morning, we were having a chat hanging out, ect.

anyway im not stressing over it, ill just stop the shit right then and there - ask to talk for a quick second on mic, cam up, ect so I know its you. and if you still tell me to piss off, then im even more suspicious :cool: - More worried about FB or Cop account or whatever being hacked, used, ect to gather info, ect - just so they can troll like the friggin losers they are. Remnants of Doom junkie idiots and a holes? gonzys crew? whoever?   /shrug   dunno don't care - AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT lol

but if it is them and they are just pissed off for whatever reason and or at me or whatever ill just leave them alone for a day or two, let them get situated and chat them up again.

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