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Bomb guy taken out

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Oh dear if they take out my local news reporter/station, how will I ever get my daily dose of misinformation/propaganda/brain washing?  I'll feel so alone, and would have to consult the government for their advice on how to function without it...

Seems to be some irony in the event here that someone would attack a news station, and they would be reporting on it...

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 Ukshep    13,127

BALTIMORE -- A man wearing a panda costume and a surgical mask who claimed he had a bomb strapped to his chest at FOX45's television station in Baltimore, Maryland, was shot by police after he exited the building.

Earlier, the television station had been evacuated after the suspect entered the lobby and claimed to have a bomb, CBS Baltimore reported.

Here is the source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/baltimore-tv-station-evacuated-after-man-in-lobby-claims-to-have-bomb/

not your average looking terrorist... or are onepiece suits or onesies in a panda style a thing for them now.

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