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“Famous Refugees” Back in Iraq

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Wow surrender when the most famous ones leave on their own? see Archbishop of Cologne Offers Unconditional Surrender to Saracen Hordes

Well it appears that there is no need for them after all, sometimes they leave on their own... 


Proof that there is no “refugee” crisis—but only a determined, liberal-driven, nonwhite invasion of Europe—has come with the news that the Iraqi “refugee” family made famous in a press photograph have returned to Iraq after only six months in Germany.

The family—Laith Majid; his wife, Nada Adel; their sons Moustafa, aged 18; Ahmed, 17; and Taha, nine; along with seven-year-old daughter Nour—landed on the island of Kos in August 2015, at the height of the Angela Merkel-inspired nonwhite invasion.

A press photographer snapped the now famous picture of Majid weeping as he carried his youngest daughter off the boat. The image was seized upon by the controlled media to portray the “desperation” of the “refugees” who would “give up everything to seek safety in Europe.”

As the Bild newspaper in Germany reported in September 2015, the family had “arrived” in Berlin, and were “finally happy. They hope to live in peace, and to work,” the Bild enthused. (“Their photo goes around the world: now they are in Berlin,” Bild, September 7, 2015).

As a result of the press picture, the Majid family gave more than 100 press interviews in Berlin, to media from all over the world.

Their story of “escaping from terror” and the “lifesaving efforts of Queen Merkel” became the standard “refugee” fare for the controlled media.

As a result, the Majids became the “most famous”—and certainly the most-quoted—“refugees” in the world.

Now, however, it appears that the whole farce has collapsed.

The Bild newspaper decided to interview the Majid family once again to find out how they were doing in Germany six months after escaping the “hell” and “death threats” of Baghdad.

Their findings shocked even that pro-invasion newspaper: the Majid family was back in Iraq, safe and sound—even though they had claimed all along that their “lives were in danger.” (“World-famous refugee family is back in Iraq,” Bild, April 23, 2016). etc cont DS


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