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New Best Thing Yet: The Holocaust is White Privilege

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 rbear    240

We've now got SJWs doing our work for us.

The BDS movement is picking up steam at an awesome rate across the West.

Leftist anti-Israel sentiment is now moving quickly toward full-on Holocaust denial.

Just when you thought student radicals couldn’t get any worse, they go and argue against commemorating the Holocaust.

Yes, not content with banning Mexican hats (lest they offend Latinos) and creating Safe Spaces in which weepy students can hide from offence, and from life basically, now some student leaders jeer at the idea of Holocaust remembrance.

Yesterday, at the annual nut-fest that is the NUS conference, delegates applauded speakers who argued against Holocaust commemoration. In response to a proposal that students’ unions should help organise events for Holocaust Memorial Day every year, one speaker said marking the Holocaust is not “inclusive”

“I am against the NUS ignoring and forgetting other mass genocides and prioritising others,” said Darta Kaleja from Chester University. “When during my education was I taught about the genocides in Tibet or Rwanda? It is important to commemorate all of them.”

Another speaker graciously said “of course there shouldn’t be anti-Semitism”, but “it’s not about one set of people”. So commemorating the Holocaust gives too much attention to Jews. What about the victims of other atrocities?.

Student bureaucrats seem to have an issue with Jews. Not only did conference delegates clap the rubbishing of Holocaust commemoration — they also elected as their new president one Malia Bouattia, who has bemoaned the West’s “Zionist-led media” and thinks the British government of being beholden to a “Zionist and neo-con lobby”. So the NUS is now led by someone who uses language reminiscent of one of the ugliest conspiracy theories

Such a foul outlook has traditionally been associated more with the hard right than the student left. From old fascists’ scaremongering about the influence of Juden-Presse to those racist cartoons showing strange-looking Jews holding the world in their hands, the idea that “those people” dominate political affairs has a long, despicable history. There’s a striking similarity between modern radicals’ fear of a “Zionist lobby” and old nutters’ panic about a “Jewish lobby”.

etc cont

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 rbear    240


Germany: Turkey Orders EU to Defund Armenian Genocide Production


A German orchestra has claimed Turkey tried to make them take the word “genocide” out of a concert marking the massacre of Armenians by Ottoman forces during the First World War.

Markus Rindt, the director of the Dresdner Sinfoniker orchestra in Dresden, east Germany, claimed Turkey’s delegation to the European Union demanded the European Commission withdraw 200,000 euros (£155,000) in funding for the concert which will use the term “genocide” in texts sung and spoken during a planned show on 30 April.

Monday marks the 101th anniversary of the beginning of what Armenia calls the genocide of 1.5 million people between 1915 and 1917 by the ruling Ottoman Empire.

Many international bodies, including the European Union, recognise the massacre – which saw able-bodied men being massacred and women, elderly and children being forced to march into the Syrian desert – as a genocide and many modern historians say the 1.5 million figure is roughly accurate.

But Turkey has repeatedly denied claims that the killings were a systematic genocide, saying many died on both sides as a result of ethnic clashes and a deportation programme. and put the number of dead at around 300,000.

It is currently illegal in Turkey to call the killings a genocide.


Turkey’s embassy in Stockholm asked Sweden’s TV4 television network to pull a documentary on the mass killings of Assyrians by the Ottoman Empire because the film “will fail to serve the principle of objectivity.”

Ahead of Sunday evening’s scheduled broadcast of a documentary titled “Seyfo 1915 – The Assyrian Genocide,” TV4 said it received an email from Turkish embassy press officer Arif Gulen, in which he opposes the film’s use of the term “genocide,” which is often used to describe the tragic death of as many as 275,000 Assyrians at the hands of Ottoman Turks during WWI.

The letter, which was subsequently published on TV4’s official website, asks the station to “reconsider your decision on broadcasting of the… documentary film with a balanced and sensible attitude,” while cautioning that “only a competent international tribunal can determine whether a particular event is genocide.”


So here we have things being "left out" and white privilege, and also Jewish privileged of the holohoax being exposed and denied, as well as the chosen ones powers in other places getting things not legal to talk about/unless its "official only numbers(which are fraud), or to even call it a genocide when it was, in other countries/effectively doctored/censored.

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 rbear    240

Those are not the only things getting removed... Things also in the US....

#TruConservatives Remove 50 State Flags

Once again, we see that there is no difference between #TruConservatives and SJWs:

“WASHINGTON — State flags, including the controversial Mississippi flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem, will no longer hang in the tunnel at the U.S. Capitol where each had been displayed.

Con't DS


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