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Rob Dew: Conspiracy Facts, News, Truth, And Solutions To Beat The Powers That Be

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Our world has become a frightening and unpredictable place, where the govt has turned against the American people and are out to achieve their goal of complete world domination. In this video presentation by Nature Of Reality Radio, the special guest is Rob Dew, to raise awareness about conspiracy theories that are actually facts, discuss important global and political news, and overall solutions on how to beat the New World Order.

Rob Dew is the News Director for Infowars.com and the Infowars Nightly News. In 2010 he co-directed with Alex Jones Police State 4 The Rise of FEMA, a hard hitting documentary which covers the FEMA Internment Camp Plan.

He was arrested at the Pittsburgh G20 protest where the police and military used sound cannons on the American people for the first time simply because he was practicing legitimate 1st Amendment free press rights.

More with Video http://referralspam/1Prodvn

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