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intellihubThis is what it’s like to become a target of the FBI’s illegal cyber-harassment program

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(INTELLIHUB) — The following is a list of what I have been subject to (only on a cyber-level) as an alleged “Domestic Threat” or alleged “Domestic Terrorist” after my return to the United States after studying abroad for several years.

These illegal activities are perpetrated by FBI’s DITU – Data Interception Technology Unit + the NSA — via the usage of both a Warrantless Pen Register (illegal) and Warrantless Port Monitoring (also illegal).

Unfortunately the FBI is not content to monitor “potential threats.” They seem to take sadistic pleasure in harassment, destruction of relationships, and non-stop antics which would be the envy of every immature 12 year-old with unlimited data-access and intrusion technology.

The comprehensive list of illegal cyber-harassment tactics has been coupled by the FBI — in conjunction with their civilian branch ‘InfraGard’ and the DHS, going to all commercial locations I frequent and relaying to owners/employees that I am (a) a “Domestic Threat” and (b) guilty of “crimes of moral turpitude” (and they have created a fantasy list which covers about every disgusting activity possible). Indeed, the things that they come up with are so absurd and beyond the norm, that one cannot but help to wonder what mental illnesses have ravaged their rationale and perspective towards humanity (or lack thereof). They are obviously very sick individuals who lack any human compassion.

To say that the activities of these groups are sadistic, barely describes their sub-human behavior. I have traveled and lived in some of the most dangerous countries and regions in the world, and the level of corruption and disgusting behavior of people who are supposed to “uphold” the law eclipses anything I have ever seen, or even heard of. They make the former East German Stasi look like Boy Scouts.

In addition to having my life greatly altered by these thugs, I also have had to come to terms with the unsettling fact that these rogue actors are fellow Americans, and have been tasked with “securing our country.” Their behavior is far beyond psychopathic, to the point that I am unable to find the words to describe their grotesque activities and demeanor.

Guess what America – this is what tax-payer dollars are being applied to, and the following list illuminates only a portion of what these child-like punks have perpetrated. And BTW — the head of the FBI’s DITU has degrees in both psychology and also law – quite an interesting combination…

Cyber-Harassment & Electronic Harassment Incident List (1 – 66)

Professor’s computer hacked at school and post-graduate work grossly modified to get me thrown out of the academic program.

Academic research (Counter-terrorism) stolen from my e-mail in 2013 and conveyed to a foreign government.

Computer hard-drives remotely wiped.

Entire folders of homosexual pornography remotely placed on my computer (when I left it on overnight).

Social networking accounts created in my name with defamatory profiles suggestive of crimes of pedophilia, moral turpitude, interest in infants, toy collections, and children’s cartoons.

Debit cards (2) repeatedly blocked from usage where both merchant and bank could not determine the cause.

Academic, health, dental, and vehicle insurance, business-related emails deleted from inbox. Deletion of E-mails relating to dental and health insurance, academics, vehicle insurance and employment.

Contacts from 5 countries harvested from phone/emails and subsequently notified via the FBI that I was a “person of interest” with Middle Eastern connections, involvement with human trafficking, pedophilia, child pornography, and links to terrorism.

University email account hacked, device type, OS identification and access history wiped from log-in files.

Hundreds of spam emails containing highly personal information and information referencing daily activities, sometimes with redirects to websites of extremist nature (in Russia, Iran and Syria to name three).

Numerous e-mails threatening my life (“Dead Man Walking”), dismemberment, violence, infliction of injuries, my personal safety, my ability to travel abroad and my professional future.

System settings simultaneously changed on both air-gapped and internet-connected computers.

Academic work remotely wiped from hard-drive and replaced with close to one gigabyte of homosexual pornography the day before a presentation.

Phone-calls blocked, interrupted or redirected to wrong numbers.

SMS messages referencing recent grocery purchases.

SMS messages to my cellphone referencing my real-time location/conversations.

Address for forwarding of academic e-mail turned off repetitively.

Internal (remote) destruction of electronic devices/batteries in laptops.

Repetitive firewall disablement on two different computers.

Blocking of usage of proxy software such as “Tor” and Anonymizing networks (HMA).

Virus/Trojan infection of both connected and air-gapped computer systems at the same time.

All e-mails to The Office of the Inspector General blocked.

Interception/blocking of inbound and outbound e-mails to ACLU.

Interception of/interference with E-mails and phone calls to attorneys.

ISP technicians verifying unusual and unidentifiable devices/activity on my LAN.

Spam e-mails chronologically detailing research-related internet activity in addition to the content of private E-mail and phone conversations with university professors.
26) Remote change via computer of physical mail address for dental and health insurance accounts.

Spam e-mails containing highly detailed information from my overseas phone calls.

Deletion of messages from cellphones.

Registration of my name for e-mail on websites selling weapons parts and military equipment.

Spoofed SMS messages from contacts.

Harassing phone calls from numbers verified as spoofed by the service provider(s).

Basic facial feature replication via photo-editing software of my face on defamatory social networking profiles I had/have no connection to.

My E-mails arriving in destination in-boxes of contacts multiple times despite only being sent once.

Receipt of spoofed e-mail from personal contacts containing viruses/Trojans.

Credit/Debit card cloned and used within 18 hours of arriving state-side after living abroad for 4 years.

Mail relay from on-line freelance employment repetitively disabled.

Interruption of voice calls via music from unknown source – audible to myself and other party.

Bookmarks for attorneys or of academic focus deleted from browsers.

E-mail from me to personal contacts seeded with images or re-directs to websites containing homosexual pornography.

Drudge Report, ABC News and McClatchy applications on iPad rerouted to open different pornography websites which appeared to contain minor females.

Total remote/wireless destruction of more than 6 unconnected Environmental Control Units (ECU’s) in my vehicle at one time resulting in catastrophic damage costing thousands of dollars to fix.

Amazon account hacked and personal information modified.

University’s automated parking machines hacked and programmed to block parking payments via debit/credit cards (b) and hard currency. Machines shut down when my license plate was entered.

Cellphone lock codes remotely changed on firmware level on two continents/three countries instantly resulting in four inoperable cellphones

Modification of images on my iPad in addition to remotely-initiated downloads of images of unknown 

Spoof e-mails from PayPal verified by PayPal IT Department as containing viruses.

Contacts deleted from both iPhone and simple Motorola.

Calls to unknown numbers and unknown individuals on phone call list.

Calls to attorneys interrupted, disconnected or rerouted to other states/countries.

Huge number of spam e-mails in Arabic – even though I cannot speak, read, or write in that language.

Deletion of E-bay auctions and images associated with the auctions.

Messages from Linked-in, Snap-chat, WhatsApp notifying me that I have new messages despite the fact I have never used any of these services.

Blockage of complaint submission (on-line form) to OIG for both NSA and DHS.

Two different audio/tracking devices located in my vehicle.

Bogus e-mail notifications that my PayPal, E-bay and bank accounts have been suspended closed.

Deletion of several hundred of the most threatening e-mails from multiple e-mail accounts.

The same spam e-mails hitting all e-mail accounts simultaneously despite the fact that none of the accounts has been shared, utilized, made public, or displayed on any website. In many cases the recipient address(es) do not match any of my e-mail addresses, which should preclude my receipt of those e-mails.

IMSI (cell tower spoofing) software indicating that my calls have been rerouted through towers not owned by the service provider.

Statements from service provider(s) that they had no record of overseas calls, or call records which accurately indicated my actual phone usage.

Monitoring and interception of e-mail and phone communications with attorneys in the United States, and foreign countries in order to disrupt/prevent legal representation (for problems they created) and property sale.

E-mails from dead relatives

Hundreds of news links spoofed to reflect topics of conversations I had hours before, some quite arcane and not newsworthy.

Alarms and notifications trigged on iPad apps, despite the fact that I do not use those functions.

E-mail source code containing family names and references to internet browsing activities.

Hotmail accounts deleted/closed down.

Phone bills modified to show hour+ long conversations with people in the Middle East, despite that phone bill reflects I was simultaneously on the phone with US contact(s).
Please be sure to “SHARE” this list of abhorrent criminal activity — sponsored by FBI’s Data Interception Technology Unit (DITU).

The author of this article, who prefers to use the nom de plume “XKeyscore” in order to maintain his anonymity, is a Doctoral Candidate and multiglot with two Master’s Degrees and a Baccalaureate specializing in Middle Eastern Studies. He holds one Master’s Degree specializing in Intelligence and Counter-intelligence operations, and a second Master’s Degree in Security Studies. XKeyscore has studied under a United States intelligence agency analyst and now-retired, high ranking, American military officers. XKeyscore writes exclusively for Intellihub News & Politics. Read more articles by this author here.

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