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American Congressman Called for Investigation into Phone Surveillance

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 rbear    240

Remember the last article: US Government Dropped Another iPhone Case


I don't think anyone gave them the passcode. They have a way in any phones manufactured by SH*Tpple. Thanks to that Israeli company.


Now on to story:

American Congressman Called for Investigation into Phone Surveillance

One of the US congressmen was hacked when the intruders tried to demonstrate that someone’s phone number is all they need to record the calls, texts and location. He then called for an oversight committee investigation into this phone vulnerability

It was recently revealed that the security flaws within the SS7 system, which brokers connections, billing and transfers messages between phone networks, provide remote access to mobile phone data in any place in the world regardless of the security of the mobile device, using just a phone number.

The Californian congressman Ted Lieu points out that the applications for this flaw are virtually limitless: for example, hackers can monitor individual targets to foreign entities that carry out economic espionage on US firms to nation states monitoring American government officials.



& if you read the Echelon thread  Snowden Leaks Confirm Existence of ECHELON , they already have all the info on the phones anyway allowing them access anytime. They just haxxored the databases and intercepted the sims via shipping also. Same as TAOS does.

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