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Jesus Called the “Chosen People” Sons of Vipers Sons of Devils

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 rbear    240

Politicians and Religious organizations align themselves with Israel “chosen people” thinking that it is the will of God and necessary for America not to receive His wrath but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Jesus exposed the “chosen people” as sons of vipers. They killed Jesus. To this day they still follow and worship Ramphan (moloch) the five point star. In their book the Talmud you will find how much they curse and hate Jesus. Israel remains an enemy of Jesus our creator incarnate. The #1 city in the world for homosexuals is Israel, not San Francisco. Israel. In order for any Christian to live in Israel they must denounce their beliefs. Christianity will have to choose between God or Israel.

thats it but click 2 see comments

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I CAN SEE WHY NOBODY WANTS TO TOUCH THIS ONE..I think of it like this..jesus represents us all.. flipping over the table of the moneychangers.. maybe he was the biggest rebel against the way that people were living.. this is happening again through us.. now.. maybe we are the return that Christians talk about?

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