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UK: Terror as Someone Posts a Flier Questioning the Sixty Trillion

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 rbear    240

Can you even begin to imagine the suffering a Jew feels when someone tells them their hoax is fake? (Well its the same as being told that the government will not give you free housing, ebt card, and pay for your children to some). (posters note)


Students at the University of Edinburgh have condemned a poster found on campus which claims that the Holocaust was a Jewish invention designed for financial gain. The University has opened an investigation into who placed the poster there.

The poster quotes the renowned Israel hater Norman Finkelstein, whose own parents survived the Auschwitz and Lublin/Majdanek concentration camps, to suggest that the Holocaust was “the greatest robbery in the history of mankind,” and that much of what we know about the terrible events is “nonsense if not sheer fraud”.


“We are at a tipping point where bigotry is manifesting itself even more blatantly than before, and this makes me worry for the safety of myself and other Jewish students. The perpetrator must be found and subjected to disciplinary action as soon as possible, as they have no place on our campus.”


You know its a lie when you can't even question it. Facts speak for themselves and hold their own weight. It appears they only want liers on their campus who can't think for themselves. You must be accepting of cultural marxism and be Jewed, or else. I am glad that I didn't go to a liberal college ran by Jews. In all the curriculum, I noticed no Jewing going on during my studies elsewhere. Thank God For That. I was very selective and attended an Elite Private University. Took lots of work to get in, only problem since I graduated "Too qualified to do anything", the people who have been hoodwinked have told me when I applied for jobs. The world is totally ass backwards, but if we keep up the good fight, we can change this marxist satanic blunder. Even though by that time, who knows if I will even need a job or career lol.

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