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IRL Troll Hero James Sears Under Attack in Jew-Occupied Canada

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 rbear    240

“Adolf Hitler . . . is my second greatest idol after Jesus Christ,” IRL Nazi troll hero Dr. James Sears said to millions of viewers on a Canadian news broadcast, just moments before denying the Jew Holocaust hoax in brazen defiance of Canada’s oppressive “hate speech” policies.

The report is about how his provocative anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler, pro-White newspaper (read it for free here), which is mailed out to 300,000 Canadian households each month, is under attack by the alleged Nazi-impersonating pedophile worshiper Richard Warman, who filed a pathetic “human rights” complaint in an attempt to shut it down.

Here is the video from City News: (link on DS)

I was able to catch up with him through email and he kindly answered a few questions for us.

*  *  *  *  *

BG: Can you tell us about some of the attacks you have received for daring to publish the Truth in Jew-occupied Canada?

JS: I took over as Editor-In-Chief of Your Ward News about a year ago. At that time Publisher Leroy St. Germaine’s main focus was corruption in municipal politics (the name of the paper derives from the City of Toronto being split into “Wards”, with a Councillor elected in each Ward). I quickly shifted the focus of our paper to anti-Marxism. I improved content dramatically by establishing strict Editorial guidelines, which included writers being forbidden to criticize Hitler, National Socialism, Jesus Christ or Christianity (the total opposite of what the ZioMarxist-controlled mainstream media does). For example, one of our prolific writers mentioned “FemiNazis” in an article. It was an excellent article, but I refused to publish it until he changed the term to “FemiMarxists”. If you go to our web site at www.YourWardNews.com and look at our back issues, you will see that Hitler is praised throughout.

Once the Marxist Occupation Government (MOG) realized that we were publishing the truth, they began their attacks by merely mocking us on social media … calling us “Nazis”. They did not realize that we considered it a compliment AND that most people in Canada are closet Hitler lovers (especially Hindus, Chinese and Negroes). Then donations started rolling in and we began to expand our delivery area through Canada Post. In March we quadrupled circulation to 300,000 homes and businesses, with readership of over one million people. One article in the last issue appears to have finally set off our enemies: It is one where I mock the artistic abilities of our Metrosexual-In-Chief Justin Trudeau. He pandered to the Jews by drawing a watercolour sketch of the Canadian “Human Rights” Museum (a Holohoax museum built by Jews at taxpayer expense) … I said he was not as good an artist as Hitler, who I referred to as the “Führer of Fine Art”. The ZioMarxists flipped!

However, they had a problem … they could not sue us directly since we were PUBLISHING THE TRUTH ABOUT HITLER AND THE HOLOHOAX! We had the legal right to do so. They knew they would lose in court. So they found a sleazy way to do it indirectly … they are SUING THE POST OFFICE for daring to distribute our “offensive” materials. They are also SUING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for allowing the post office to distribute them. And the group that has formed to fight our newspaper includes union leaders, homosexual leaders, feminist leaders, Jews, members of all the major federal parties, etc. It is the first time in history anywhere in the world where EVERY TYPE OF SJW has joined forces for a common goal.

In addition to the legal attacks, every window on on office storefront has been broken by bricks and rocks thrown by ZioMarxist sympathizers. I was doxxed with my home address and a photograph of my wife’s car and her license plate published online, and broadly distributed by a ZioMarxist race traitor by the name of Warren Kinsella. cont

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 rbear    240

Save Canada and the Rest of the world. I am grad for this man. See, I have some ties to Canada due to the fact that I had to depend on Canadian food to survive as much of the food I consumed in the past was only made there and no where else.This was before the Jews took over much of Canada in the past. Later, people got together and now we have our own production factory locally. I visited it last week. CTV is great btw, or it used to be last I watched it. 

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